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With the state, country and world grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic there are concerns about how Town Meetings will be impacted. Scheduling of Town Meetings is a power and responsibility of the Selectmen. If a Town Meeting has been called by a duly posted warrant, MGL Section 39:10A grants the Moderator the power to postpone the meeting for up to 30 days in response to a public safety emergency. Legislation is being considered that would add “public health”  to the list of emergencies triggering the statute. Text of the legislation can be seen HERE.

If You Are Delaying Your Meeting Under MGL 39:10A

Alan Wilson has provided us an editable Word file of his Declaration of Recess and Continuance that others may use as a template for the same purpose. Click HERE to download.

Regional Meetings are being reconsidered in light of the pandemic. updated schedules are below.

  • Region                 Host                      Host email                                        Date/Time                         Location
  • Southeast            Steven Fors        sfors@westportchiro.com              April 12    10 AM                             Via Zoom
  • Central                Rich Harrity        rmharrity@aol.com                        Postponed indefinitely
  • Western              Rob Reilly           reilly@media.mit.edu                     Cancelled
  • RTM                    Chris Mehne       CMEHNE@bowditch.com             April 4      9 AM                                 Via Zoom

Officers and Directors elected at 2019 Annual Meeting 

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One of the most valuable benefits of MMA membership is participation in the Gavel Line, an online forum where you can get answers to your questions and share opinions with other moderators. Current members of MMA can access gavel line by sending an email request to the Gavel Line administrator(s) using the following email address:  GavelLine+subscribe@googlegroups.com. Please provide your name, title (Moderator, Assistant Moderator, etc.) and name of town in the body of the email.