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The Members’ section is divided into two pages. Below you will find “Current News”- items relating to current events or issues.

An extensive collection of useful information including MMA meeting records, committee reports, gavel line survey summaries, etc. is available HERE

Current News

2021 Regional Meetings

Regional meetings will be held remotely. The schedule and info:

Sat., April 3, 10AM, Northeast Regional Meeting hosted by Tom Murphy

Thurs., April 8, 7PM, Western Regional Meeting hosted by Rebecca Townsend

Sat., April 10, 9-11 AM, Southeast Regional Meeting hosted by Steve Fors

Sat., April 17, 9-11 AM, RTM Meeting (for RTM Moderators) hosted by Chris Mehne

MMA 2020Annual Meeting

Link to video of the Town Meeting in Time of COVID -RTMs  session at the MMA Annual Meeting

Summary of the by-law changes adopted. The Annual Meeting adopted several small changes to the organization’s by-laws. Dennis Berry has prepared this very helpful document showing, the previous by-law text, the changes adopted and the new text. A copy of the current by-laws as amended is HERE.

The Gavel Line

One of the most valuable benefits of MMA membership is participation in the Gavel Line, an online forum where you can get answers to your questions and share opinions with other moderators. Current members of MMA can access gavel line by sending an email request to the Gavel Line administrator(s) using the following email address:  GavelLine+subscribe@googlegroups.com. Please provide your name, title (Moderator, Assistant Moderator, etc.) and name of town in the body of the email.


Planning a safe meeting guidance


Materials developed by individual moderators for miscellaneous pandemic related purposes

Declarations of Recess

Press Releases

Town Meeting Preparation and Execution Summaries