For Moderators

Joining MMA

Membership in the association is open to current and past elected Massachusetts Town Meeting moderators and assistant or deputy moderators.  Active members qualify for numerous benefits, which include:

  • Advice or other perspectives from moderators through an electronic mailing list known as the Gavel Line
  • Receiving specific responses to questions about procedures from experienced moderators
  • Workshops (in particular, one for new moderators), speakers, and discussions at annual meeting
  • Gathering at regional meeting
  • Manual for moderators distributed free to new moderators
  • Information on legislation affecting town meetings
  • Materials in the archives on many topics available for review
  • Opportunities to work on committees and projects of interest to moderators.

Former moderators and current deputy or assistant moderators are welcome as associate and affiliate members.

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or if you prefer to pay by check:

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Contact Us for additional information about joining the association.

Accessing Members Only Content

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Town Meeting Time

You can purchase the 3rd (current) edition of Town Meeting Time online via PayPal only.

If you do not have PayPal account or prefer to pay by check, please download a printable order form to order by mail.

*New* Town Meeting Time is now available as a searchable e-book. Click here to see buying options.

Town Meeting Videos

The Massachusetts Moderators Association has produced two educational videos to encourage voters to participate in their Town Meetings across Massachusetts. One video entitled Town Meeting and You describes the experiences of voters in open Town Meetings. It helps to familiarize those who have not previously attended Town Meeting with the key elements of this form of local government, and it serves as a refresher for those who have.

The second video entitled Voice of the People: The Representative Town Meeting includes some of the same content, since, in many respects, open and representative Town Meetings operate in similar fashion. The video describes, in addition, the role of town meeting members who are elected by the voters in each precinct to represent them and vote on their behalf on all matters decided by town meeting.

Each video runs approximately thirty minutes. Click on the following links to view.

Town Meeting and You

Voice of the People: The Representative Town Meeting