Welcome to the Massachusetts Moderators Association

Purpose of the Organization

The Massachusetts Moderators Association is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association that provides opportunities for its members to communicate and meet in order to exchange ideas and information which can enhance the conduct of town meetings. Town meetings constitute the legislative component of local government for most towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The association may also communicate with and testify before the General Court of the Commonwealth for the purpose of proposing or commenting on pending legislation that affects the procedures to be followed at town meetings.

About Town Meeting

The Secretary of State’s Citizens Guide to Town Meeting

Massachusetts Law About Town Meetings- A compilation of laws, rules, and web sources on Massachusetts town meeting law.

Massachusetts Moderators Membership

Membership in the association is extended to those elected as moderator by the voters of each town. This person is known as the presiding officer at the town meeting. Active members qualify for numerous benefits, which include:

  • Advice or other perspectives from moderators through an electronic mailing list known as the Gavel Line
  • Receiving specific responses to questions about procedures from experienced moderators
  • Workshops (in particular, one for new moderators), speakers, and discussions at annual meeting
  • Gathering at regional meetings
  • Newsletter
  • Manual for moderators distributed free to new moderators
  • Information on legislation affecting town meetings
  • Materials in the archives on many topics available for review
  • Opportunities to work on committees and projects of interest to moderators.

Former moderators and current deputy or assistant moderators are welcome as associate and affiliate members.

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